Number one significant element in understanding whether an individual is at greater risk of having osteoporosis is hereditary


But be informed that there’s another factor that contributes to getting osteoporosis and that is the lifestyle of an individual. How you live your daily life determines what you will wind up.

Your everyday activity can determine whether you’re likely to get osteoporose later in life or not. Let us know what are what we should do and things we should not do to avoid osteoporosis. Avoid living a sedentary way of life, rather, live a busy one and be always on the move. Give your bones a workout to keep them alive and strong. Go do some aerobics, running, running; dancing, walking, climbing stairs and a lot more but do it moderately. Yes, you need exercise but remember you need to steer clear of intense combined exercise and training as it will create issues like thin bones, eating disorders and irregular menstruation which these issues are due to osteoporosis.

Always keep your body hydrated with calcium and vitamin D. Your body needs calcium and if you do not have enough, your own body then tends to get it from your bones that will lead to bone loss. Eat a lot of food full of calcium and since not all of food is rich in calcium then it’s ideal to take a supplement too. Apart from nourishing the human anatomy of a healthy diet, you need to take care of it by not drinking alcohol and to quit smoking. Excessive alcohol results in a higher risk of bone loss. Smoking keeps your body’s estrogen from functioning well which will then result in decreased bone density.