Lessa Mattress Inner Working Makes Your Night And Even Days More Enjoyable!




Sleep takes 25% of our life which means that you spend that much amount of time in your bed. Therefore it really makes sense that proper sleep should be in the ideal mattress to alleviate back pain and improve total health. With that as the key factors, online mattres guide US industry has provided a variety of choices to meet the needs of different individuals. However, each of these specific foam types have varied uses and are combined in ways to come up with the most ideal mattress to answer the common choice. You can find that with a Leesa mattress.






A closer look at Leesa’s inner working

In this journey to unravel Leesa to the world, let’s start with the following components:


  1. Wrapped in four-stripe iconic removable cover, Leesa mattress is made from a polyester/lycra blend which gives a velvety touch and feel. Its gray color adds sophistication to blend in with the room.


  1. Directly beneath are three different layers of foam positioned for a definite purpose such as:


  • A 2 –inch Avena foam on top. It is noted for its breathability due to its egg carton design that allows the mattress to breathe through its aeration holes such that continuous airflow are made producing cooler top layer. This Avena foam has comparable feel, support and comfort with latex as well as in itsbounce and responsiveness in addition to being a highly durable material.


  • Second layer is another 2-inch memory foam. This layer acts to add adegree of bounce preventing you from too much sinking since this memory foam bounces pretty quickly back into place after a pressure is released.


  • The final third layer is a six-inch base foam. Its structure is there for the purpose of a frim full support to the sleepers regardless of size




What makes Lessa the choice of many people? It is in its creative combination of different foam materials carefully selected to provide that universal appeal.  With the addition of the top foam design to add breathability coupled with the sleek top covering to complete the ensemble, Leesa is one of the top mattress product with a 100 day return policy.